Tips for Game Presenters from a former Croupier

When going live, first introduce yourself & tell the players which game you will be presenting (not in an obvious way)

GOOD EXAMPLE: Good afternoon, my name is Taryna and I'll be your blackjack dealer.

BAD EXAMPLE:   Good afternoon, I am Taryna and in this room we'll be playing blackjack.

The bad example is not only bad because the players choose the games themselves, but also because you might be filling in for someone who left. In this case the players have already played a few games and a completely new intro can make them lose focus.

Be generic when it comes to nationality/race/gender/orientation and don't offend anyone

GOOD EXAMPLE: Who will be joining me at the table today? Will it be a lucky day?

BAD EXAMPLE: I am looking for some blond people to join me. Where are you?

This is a bad example because it makes everyone who isn't a blonde feel unwelcome. Please be aware of this at all times! Don't be negative about other races or cultures and if a player is being negative you should always say something like:´We like to keep things positive on this table.´

Don't give out personal information

GOOD EXAMPLE: I'm originally from Manchester but my dad was in the army so I moved around a lot (it's Ok to distort personal information when chatting to players).

BAD EXAMPLE: Oh how nice that you are from London. I am too, maybe we live close by! (honest)

The bad example is bad because it jeopardizes your own safety. Never tell players your real name, where you live or where you are from. It's best to come up with an alter ego and stick to that. After all, some of them play with a lot of money and who knows what they are capable of when they lose it. Other players don't really have much human contact so it might turn ugly if they think you are interested and know where you live.

Never say that a player lost or that the casino (dealer) won. Always keep it positive and stay on the players’ side without being too outspoken

GOOD EXAMPLE: That's a bust for Dexter. I wish you better luck in your next game.

BAD EXAMPLE: Dexter loses and the casino wins again! I hope your luck turns around Dexter.

You as a presenter need to make sure that the players are always having a good time and are motivated to play more. By saying that they lose or that their opponent wins, you are decreasing their motivation. Or you are making them chase their losses which is the start of a gambling addiction which we want to avoid.

Mute the player and call a pit boss when a player gets inappropriate


Player: Could you please take your top off?

Presenter: This is not the place for it, we are in a casino, not in a strip club.

Player: But that would make the game so much more exciting.

Presenter: I think it´s much more exciting like this.


Player: Could you please take your top off?

Presenter: I would if I could.

Player: Pleassee? I won´t tell anyone. It would make the game so much more exciting.

Presenter: Ok, I'll show you a little then.

Nudity is strictly forbidden and you run the risk of both losing your presenting role and forfeiting your earnings when giving in on such requests. Remember everything is recorded. If a player keeps asking, just mute him. Also never speak negatively about the casino or the rules. They are implemented to protect both you and the player.

Never forget to use the players name when its their turn but don't use the name too often

GOOD EXAMPLE: Snoopy, it's your turn. What would you like to do next?

BAD EXAMPLE: Next up is Snoopy. Snoopy, what will you do? You are hitting, Snoopy.

You cannot use the players´ name too often because that may become annoying. You do, however, want to add a personal touch which is why you should always name every players´ name once when they enter the game (welcome them) and once when it's their turn to play.

Welcome every player to the table, no matter how busy you are

GOOD EXAMPLE: (end of game) I would like to welcome DutchDiva to the game and wish you good luck for the next games.

BAD EXAMPLE: (ignoring the new player)

You are here to make sure every player enjoys the game. This is why you have to treat them all the same and welcome all of them. Nobody should feel left out.