3 Ways to Maximise your Earnings

1. Refer presenters using your unique ID link which can be found under 'Profile' and 'Referrals' to earn commission.

  • Ensure your referral(s) click on your link so we can ensure you get any commission due
  • You can access referral reporting under 'My Office' and REFERRALS
  • You can email a copy of your link under 'My Office' and REFERRAL LINK
  • You can access you referral commission under 'My Office' and REFERRALS REPORTS
  • You can earn a 5% lifetime commission for as long as those referred successful presenters are presenting.

2. Join our Slack Workspace which can be found under 'My Office' and JOIN SLACK to receive mobile notifications.

  • Read the information which tells you about Slack
  • Click on the link provided to join our LiveSolutions Workspace and then Presenter group
  • Download the application to your phone
  • You will now receive notifications directly to your mobile phone when we need presenters

3. Players have the option to join your 'FanClub' when playing at your table a great way to increase player numbers.

  • Those players who join your fan-club receive notifications when you come on line and start presenting a game
  • If they are available they can come online and find the table that you are presenting at and play at that table