Presenter Handover/Disconnection

What happens when I want to finish presenting a session?

When you are presenting at a table and want to finish presenting click on the 'Finish Session' tab.

Please now wait and continue presenting until another presenter becomes available to handover. This should take between 3-10 minutes.  

The presenter's video will come in next to yours. Introduce them to the table and say goodbye to the players.

Click on leave table which will take you back into your office. Your presenting session has now finished.

 If you disconnect for any reason you will be placed back into the lobby for re-selection. Depending on how quickly you re-enter the lobby will determine if you go back to your previous table of players or onto another table.

No need to re check in. Once checked in you do not need to check in for 2 hours (Maximum presenting time allowed in one session)