What is Slack?

Slack is a third party product which enables efficient business communication. One of the features we love is that we can send out notifications to groups, in your case the presenters group or to our control room, with status messages.

Our control room staff totally rely on Slack and we recommend that all presenters join our Slack presenters group so that you can be informed about the state of demand on the platform.  In short, it can guide you as to when money can be earned!

How Do You Join?

1. Click here to join our slack workspace

2. Once you have joined the workspace join the presenters group and enable notifications as illustrated below on the webpage

3. Finally download the Slack app on your smartphone and choose the Live Solutions Workspace 


Enable Notifications 

Click on the bell icon to open settings

Select "Your notification preferences ..."

Set to receive all new new messages so you don't miss any

You can change these settings any time you like