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Information about casino table games

The Rules and How to Play Baccarat and Asian Baccarat

There is no difference between Baccarat and Asian Baccarat apart from the visuals.

In Asian Baccarat the third card is delivered and then placed sideways above the other 2 cards. Whereas in Baccarat the third card is delivered next to the other two.

Information for your audition

Interviews take place online through our system so you will need the following:

  • Laptop or Desktop 
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Fast internet speed
  • ID verification- photo ID either a passport, driving license or ID card

Please ensure you are in a quiet location where you can speak freely away from noise.

When you are ready to start your interview please click on the 'Join Interview Queue' button.










You will be shown what the job involves and be asked to present a game or two choosing from Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat or Craps.
Don't worry we know you will be nervous and we don't expect perfection 
We will tell you about earnings, standards and answer any further question you may have
If you want to revisit what the role involves you can view the video which shows Georgie presenting or alternatively use our practice tool to practice presenting yourself.

The audition will last anywhere from between 10-30 minutes depending on whether you are successful.

There are a few things you can do:

  1. To give you an idea of what the role involves you can view Georgie our host presenting her first game. 
  2. You can use the practise area to help you with your presenting skills
  3. You can make yourself familiar with the casino games by either looking at our FAQ section or the internet.


The tab will turn green. Please wait for a member of staff to conduct your audition.

If you click on 'Join Audition Queue' out of hours, the system will display no audition time available as seen below.

We hold auditions on Monday-Friday between 09.00-18.00 (UK time)


  • Make sure you have the updated version of Google Chrome
  • A recent laptop or PC
  • A message will pop up from Chrome asking permission to use the camera and microphone click 'Allow'
  • Ensure your camera is not being used by another application on your computer such as Skype
  • Mobile devices are NOT suitable including tablets.


If you are still having problems, please email or use the chat box.


After watching the media presentation:

  1. Click on the blue ‘book an audition’ button
  2. Fill out the short application form and register
  3. You will then see the screen below
  4. Click on the "Join Audition Queue' tab when you are ready for your audition

The system will show you if there is a queue and the waiting time. (see below) You can either choose to wait in the queue or come back another time to audition.

Please ensure you read all the instructions carefully as this information will guide you.

You now have access to an area where you can practice presenting before your audition. If you need anymore information this can be found in the FAO section under 'Audition prep'

Please note that the interview is online so ensure that you have a suitable laptop/desktop, chrome and fast internet speed. We will need you to provide photo ID to verify your age.




The audition takes place online through the Livesolutions instead of Skype or Facetime because:

  1. Our recruitment team can meet you face to face
  2. During the audition we are able to set up a practice table game so we can see your presenting skills
  3. If you are successful at the end of the audition, we can set you up as a presenter
  4. You then have immediate access to your office facilities


You can choose a practise game by clicking on the blue button 'Practice Area' and then selecting the game you wish to practice from the drop down menu as shown below.




Please email:

Please note that there is a difference between download and upload internet speeds. The most common is the download internet speed which most of you will use to download movies, games, videos, pictures etc.

We are interested in how fast your upload internet speed is so you when you are live streaming both your picture and audio are clear to players.

If your upload speed is too slow you will not be able to present!

You can check your internet upload speed by clicking on the 'Internet Upload Speed' tab as shown below.