After watching the media presentation:

  1. Click on the blue ‘book an audition’ button
  2. Fill out the short application form and register
  3. You will then see the screen below
  4. Click on the \"Join Audition Queue' tab when you are ready for your audition

The system will show you if there is a queue and the waiting time. (see below) You can either choose to wait in the queue or come back another time to audition.

Please ensure you read all the instructions carefully as this information will guide you.

You now have access to an area where you can practice presenting before your audition. If you need anymore information this can be found in the FAO section under 'Audition prep'

Please note that the interview is online so ensure that you have a suitable laptop/desktop, chrome and fast internet speed. We will need you to provide photo ID to verify your age.