Requires “licensee.admin” or “ users” privilege.

New users are created by any other authorised user using the “add user” button. There is a short form to complete which sets the contact details and credentials and the user type.

This is followed by a consolidated options selection where you can set :-

  1. The domains that the user is authorised to operate.
  2. The languages that the user has (compulsory for presenters or they will not appear in the appropriate lobby).
  3. The privileges that the user has to access the various sections of the control room.

It is also possible to upload and approve a profile photo (compulsory for presenters. If the presenter does not have an approved profile photo they will not appear in any lobby). Profile photos can also be uploaded by the presenter themselves from the presenter interface.

 You may search for any user on your system using the search field in the menu bar. 

Selecting the user allows management of the languages, privileges and domains associated with that user.