Domain Groups

Requires “licensee.admin” or “licensee.admin.domainsGroups” privilege.

Domain Groups are records which enable the segregation of players so that they only mix with players from the same Domain Group.

The default Domain Group is the Global Network. Players from domains in this Domain Group will mix at the tables with Players from any other domain which is in the Global Network. Operators have no control over which domains may join this Domain Group. This would be suitable for smaller operators who do not have the volume of business to ensure that players always have company at the tables.

Operators can create their own discrete Domain Groups consisting of one or more domains to segregate their own players.

When you create or update a Domain record you may specify which Domain Group the domain belongs to. Players from this domain will then only mix with other players from this Domain Group.

When you create a Domain Group you should name it in a manner so that it is easy to recognise when creating or changing domain records.